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  • How to find an endless supplies of niches and product ideas using the Audience insight tool..everything from T-shirts to physical products and info products.
  • How to turn those niche and product ideas around and plug them into an ultra targeted set of interests for your Facebook ad campaigns. This strategy is unlike any I've seen before and was new to even me..
  • Ad creation and Scaling - Systematic approach on how to properly set up your ad based on audience size and demographics in order to get the best possible ROI.
  • How to find the winning ads before launching, how to know when to kill the losers and how to scale the winners.
  • How to use the FB Power Editor to quickly build out your ad campaigns in minutes.
  • Using Custom Audiences the right way - when to include audiences and when to exclude to ensure your CPC starts and remains low.
  • Retargeting - Crash course on all you need to know, when to retarget and the best ads to use.
  • How to create a look a like audience - This is a new one for most people but is getting killer results.
  • Case studies - Everything from interest finding, ad set up, to spend and scaling day by day to earn 47k in sales.
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